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Getting injured on the job can leave you with a lot of questions and very few answers. How long will you really take to heal? What happens if you can't return to work? Who will continue to provide for your family? The Manno Law Group can ease your worries and help protect your finances. We offer workers' compensation law services in the Oak Park, IL area. You can trust our law firm to fight aggressively for your compensation at every turn.

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workers' compensation law  in the Oak Park, IL area

Don't pay for expenses your employer should cover

Workers' compensation is meant to remove the financial stress that comes from being out of work. You shouldn't have to fight your employer for it. But if it comes to that, you can count on a workers' compensation attorney from our law firm to be here for you.

We can help you seek compensation after a wide range of accidents, including:

  • Office accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Trucking accidents
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